Nymph Stage

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Mayfly, Order: Ephemeroptera


Mayflies typically have plate-like gills that are located on the side of their abdomen. They will have 6 jointed legs that end in 1 claw. Most mayfly nymphs have 3 tails.

Stonefly, Order: Plecoptera


Stoneflies have no gills on their abdomen. If gills are present they will be found on the underside of the head and thorax. Stoneflies have 6 legs that end in 2 claws. Stoneflies will have 2 short tails. Go to stonefly adult.

Dragonfly, Order: Odonata


Dragonflies have no tails. A dragonflies body is squat and stout. They have large mouth parts.

Damselfly, Order: Odonata