Insect Life Stages



The larval stage of an insect may look grub or worm like. It will have no wing pads and may or may not have jointed legs. Some larva make homes of sticks and rocks which they carry with them (cases). Go to larva stage.



In the pupal state wings will be partially developed. The legs of a pupa maybe fused to its body or they may dangle free very close to the body. Some pupa can be found in cocoons attached to rocks on the stream bottom. Go to pupa stage.



In the nymphal stage the wings will be partially developed and cover by wing pads (wing case). The legs are position for crawling and the insect will be active and freely moving. Nymphs will not be found in cases or cocoons. Go to nymph stage.



Adult insects usually have fully developed wings or have wings which are covered by
a hard shell like a beetle. The adult insect will have 3 pairs of jointed legs. Go to adult stage.