TU Conservation

The following is an excerpt from Trout Unlimited

The Eastern United States is densely populated and faces a host of environmental challenges ranging from air pollution to overdevelopment to growing demands for ground and surface water. Throughout the region, TU staff and volunteers are rolling up their sleeves to work for healthier watersheds and to protect and restore wild trout populations.

From Maine Atlantic salmon to Georgia brook trout, TU is working to ensure that even within close driving distance of our major eastern cities, future generations will be able to fish for wild trout and salmon. Our current areas of focus include:

Brook Trout – TU is building a strong brook trout conservation program that runs up the spine of the Appalachian mountains from Georgia to Maine. Some of our most important efforts include our volunteer driven Back the Brookie campaign in the Southeast, our recently released New England brook trout report, and our role in a joint effort by states, federal agencies, and conservation groups to develop a comprehensive brook trout management plan. In 2005, we are also kicking off an effort to protect the Rapid River in Maine from invasive smallmouth bass.

Atlantic Salmon – TU has long been committed to restoring sustainable Atlantic salmon runs to Maine, their last stronghold in the United States. We are engaged on a variety of fronts to restore habitat and improve management practices to bring these endangered fish back from the brink, including efforts to remove dams and improve fish passage on the Penobscot River and a number of other rivers in Maine.

Eastern Water – Trout Unlimited’s Eastern Water Project is modeled on our successful water advocacy efforts in the Western states. We are working with communities throughout the region to address a host of water management issues including dry streambeds, water shortages and habitat degradation. In December 2006, we released a new report entitled “A Glass Half Full: The Future of Water in New England.”

Catskills – The Catskill Mountains in New York are the birthplace of American fly fishing and of TU’s Home Rivers program. TU has an ongoing Catskills program. We are working to preserve key pieces of riparian land and restore key tributaries in the Beaverkill-Willowemoc watershed, and to achieve more fish friendly flows out of New York City reservoirs on the Upper Delaware River.

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