Applying the Thread

Attaching the thread – 1


  • Hold the end of the thread in your left hand. Let the bobbin hang down BEHIND the shank of the hook.

Attaching the thread – 2


  • Begin winding the thread by pulling the bobbin toward you while coming UNDER the hook, then wrap over the hook away from yourself over the TOP of the hook.
  • Take about 4 to 5 windings toward the eye of the hook. These should be spaced uniformly, each wrap going directly in front of the previous wrap.
  • The tension on the bobbin should be set so that the thread can pull out easily, but the bobbin should stay in place under its own tension if you let it hang loose.

Attaching the thread – 3


  • Wind the thread back towards the bend, wrapping directly over the earlier wraps, until you reach the middle of the hook shank.

Attaching the thread – 4

  • CAREFULLY clip off the part of the thread that you have been holding in your left hand (the “tag end”).
  • HINT: Pay particular attention to the location of the thread from the bobbin whenever you cut thread or material. Always try to pull the item to be cut on top of the hook so it will be on the opposite side of the hook from the thread that you want to keep using.

Wrap to the bend


  • Continue wrapping the thread towards the bend of the hook.
  • Stop wrapping when the thread falls somewhere between the point and the barb.