Introduction to Knots

The four knots on this page are those most commonly used by fly fishermen. Included are two types of clinch knots for tying your fly to the tippet. The improved clinch knot is used for tippets under six pounds and the Trilene knot for tippets over six pounds. The thing to remember about all these knots is they need to be well lubricated. The easiest way to do this is to tie the knot loosely, then use siliva on the line before you cinch the knot up tight. Lots of spit makes for a good knot!

Sample Knot

This is used for tying your fly to your tippet material. Use with light tippets 3X – 8X Step 1 clinch_knot1

Step 2


Blood Knot

This is used for tying your tippet material to the end of your leader.


Perfection Knot

This is used to attach your leader to the (braided) loop at the end of your fly line. perfect1