Beginners Corner

Welcome to the Seth Green Chapter beginners corner. Whether you have just started fly-fishing or you have a few years under your belt, you’re in the right place. Fly-fishing can be a very intimidating sport, don’t let it be. Keep in mind the basic concept is to have fun. There is a lot to learn and plenty to share, and it can take many years to master all the aspects of this wonderful and fulfilling sport.

Here we will show you some of the fundamental so that you can enjoy catching fish. Beginners, don’t get frustrated if you don’t catch fish your first time out; some times it takes many trips to the trout stream before you catch your first fish. Even the pros go without catching fish now and again. The best thing to do is to fish with a friend who knows fly fishing. Heck! You can even have them take you fishing on that first outing!

This beginners corner is organized in chronological order, use the navigation menu to go through the pages in sequence. The sequence is as follows: equipment, knots, casting, fly tying, fly selection, etiquette, and finding fish.

When it comes to tying flies, once you have gotten the hang of it, and you are searching for more patterns, visit Andy Coopers The Fly Bench or The Fly Archive at Carl Coleman’s Flyshop online for an array of tying patterns.

We strongly encourage Catch and Release fishing. Let’s keep the resource alive.