Fly Fishing & Tying

Lets face it, fishing allows us so many ways to fish for trout. For a fly fisher, fly fishing makes the sport more personal, more intimate and more satisfying. A fly fisher can create his or her own flies or build their own rods. There is nothing like landing a beautiful trout using your own creations that replicate nature. That enjoyment alone can add years to anyone’s life.

Fly fishing is different from other kinds of fishing in a couple of ways. Basically, the weight of the line is the momentum to the cast, not the bait or lure. A tiny fly is extremely light, but it is possible to present that fly to a fish many feet away casting a fly line.

At some point in the fly fisher’s life, the question will arise, “Should I buy or tie my own flies?”

A fly fisher comes into fly tying with his or her own explanation as to why they have made the choice they have. Most enjoy the sensation of luring a trout to an artificial fly brought to life from materials such as thread and feathers. Some to learn more about the life cycles (entomology) of the flies themselves. Others to save money from flies tangled in trees and shrubs from a way-ward cast.

There are many websites, books and videos available that are awesome resources. Also, a member of our chapter has a hands-on fly tying class that you could attend. Fly tying classes can be offered by local fly shops as well.

Be sure to navigate further into the fly tying area to get some more tips and techniques.

And as always, just enjoy yourself!